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Transport Town has been developed by the Canberra-based transport branding company, TransitGraphics.

TransitGraphics, Transit or TG as we are known by our customers and fans, has been serving the transport industry across Australia providing a one stop shop for transport companies producing timetables, maps, on street information and websites for many years.

In fact, if you travel and use public transport anywhere in Australia, in some way or form TransitGraphics has influenced the way the transport information and maps you use look and work.

In 2017 TransitGraphics celebrates its 20th birthday. This activity book has been produced as a special gift for TG’s customers and fans and showcases TG’s skills in the production and processes of cardboard models.

The booklet will enable you and your kids (or just the big kids) to press out and assemble the various modes of transport that operate across Australia’s largest city, Sydney.

We hope you enjoy creating your very own Transport Town, almost as much as we did creating it!

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