Sydney Buses (Route L90) Mercedes-Benz O305G


This 1:76 scale bus model depicts Mercedes-Benz O305G no. 2570 on route L90 to Palm Beach. Thirty O305G buses were delivered to Sydney between 1981 and 1984. 2570 was built in 1984 and operated for 21 years,

The O305G was the first articulated bus type to be delivered to the NSW Government. They provided an alternative to the high-capacity Leyland Atlantean double-decker buses being phased out at the the , the last running in 1986. The Mercedes buses continued to run until the final withdrawal in 2010. Volvo buses began to replace them in 2005 and over 230 articulated buses now ply the streets of Sydney.

2570 was originally delivered in a special brown and gold Urban Transit Authority livery and later changed to the blue and white State transit Authority scheme. This model depicts the bus in the latter livery. Government buses have operated between the City and Palm Beach via spectacular Northern Beaches since 1930s. Route number 190 was first used in 1953 and limited stops trips were renumbered L90 in 1997.

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