Government and Municipal Buses of Australia


This pictorial history covers all the Australian States and Territory government operators and also the municipal buses operated in various States.

This volume also lists the previous private operators absorbed or purchased by cities such as Perth, Adelaide and Sydney.

Private operation tenderers, in more recent times, seems to be the trend where contractors operate the vehicles whilst the Government maintains ownership of the asset and routes. This enables management companies to be swapped over if the current contractor isn’t successful with the next tender process.

Defence, Police, Emergency Services, Education and various Commissions are also detailed.

The Government sector invests huge money into supporting the Australian bus and coach industry, in particular the body builders.

It deserves its own volume as a very important element in our local industry.

Here are a few “sneak views” of some of the various Government operators such as Brisbane City Council and STA Adelaide.

In addition, not seen here will be Defence, Police and other Government Departments and Councils who have purchased buses.

The book is 596 pages and covers various personalities, stories and chassis and body detail in the limited 3 line space available.

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