Australia’s Domestic Bus and Coach Body Builder


This pictorial history covers all of the known and some little known Australian Bus and Coach Body builders from the 1910’s through to today that operated in various States and Territories. There are over 210 that we have uncovered through your help.

The basic statistics are that this book has over 1000 bus operators, over 85 chassis types with over 500 chassis models. Most importantly for this book there are over 210 Australian bodybuilders listed in the index.

To keep it reasonably simple , we have listed the bodybuilders alphabetically from A-L & M-Z in the soft cover set. If we had three images or more then the Body Builder has its own chapter. The index simply lists some of the major builders. Smaller builders can all be found in the index so you can find your particular interest still listed alphabetically.

There is also a Miscellaneous “Odd Bods” chapter for the one off/in house builders or where three images were not available. In addition there is an Unknown chapter where we still need some help trying to identify the bodybuilder. Some of these have been identified between draft completion and printing.

Don’t forget the Bonus Bus chapter where late entries have been captured.

Personally, I like the body shapes and styles. Some are just ugly although we accept that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You are the final judge! The noisy bits of the vehicle i.e. the chassis are complimented by “the shed” that goes on top.. the body. Sorry, I was a chassis salesman for most of my working life.

Please go to “sneak peeks” as there are a few of different body styles and captions.

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